A Community Dedicated to the Delivery of High-Value Care. Leading providers, payers, government officials and special guests, not sharing secret strategy or debating academic definitions, but learning from one another and practicing the skills necessary to execute the mandate to deliver High-Value Care. A group of industry icons, up-and-comers, and people just trying to figure out how to make high-value care work, all working together to deliver public and social good through High-Value Care and to build the know-how needed to get there. “In the absence of financial incentives to pursue value and without good data to guide leadership, the management skills necessary for transforming care delivery have not developed." - Harvard Business Review

Leading Payers & Providers

Participants from across the delivery system dedicated to delivering High-Value Care

"The Institute is a great platform to discuss cultural change through listening to and sharing with others around what they are doing, what successes and challenges occurred, what was learned. Having providers and plans hear the same message on culture change and low-value care was powerful and created great networking and collaboration opportunities that will last.”

Dr. John Smith, Lead Medical Director, Quality-Based Networks, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

“It’s rewarding to be a part of a community of peers where the interactions are about sharing and learning, not selling and lecturing. The focus on reducing low-value care at the Institute for the Delivery of High-Value Care can play an important part in helping provider organizations and health plans in the same market figure out how to transition successfully into new payment and delivery models.”

Dr. Jennifer Brady, CEO, Carolinas Physician Alliance

“The Institute was a great collaborative of plans and providers finding ways to things more effectively. The ability to look at data objectively and change the conversation to one of high value (and not unit costs) will help transform the way payment models work."

Kevin Manneman, Chief Executive Officer of St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare Medical Group

“It was a great opportunity to collaborate Payers and Providers. Starting the conversation related to value-based reimbursement and educating everyone in attendance about High and Low-value care will finally move us all in the direction to succeed in a value-based model.”

Dr. Robert Del Junco, Vice President and Senior Medical Director, Affiliated Networks St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare

“Beyond getting a deeper understanding of the various ways in which the data is being used, the event was also great because we got to have candid conversations between researchers, providers and health plans on how to solve our health care dilemma.”

Dr. Matt Collins, Vice President of Clinical Integration at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island

“As a provider-owned, Medicaid organization focused on health and quality of life for our members, we are increasingly challenged to reduce unnecessary services to ensure that Kentucky families have access to the high-value care that they need. We are grateful for the national community RowdMap has brought to the Institute for the Delivery of High-Value Care in order to discuss ways to identify and reduce low-value care.”

John Burich, Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at Passport Health Plan

"The Institute helped align the high-value care conversation across diverse stakeholders and emphasized a framework we can use to create win-win relationships with our provider partners.”

Jonathan Ryskamp, Provider Analytics and Insights, Humana

Participants & Faculty

Clinical and Business Leaders sharing best practices, facilitating workshops and participating in a community dedicated to delivering High-Value Care


Ryan Keith

Medicaid Counsel - Aetna

Jannifer Harper, MD

Vice President, Chief Clinical Officer - Anthem

Brett Oliver, MD

Chief Medical Information Officer - Baptist Health

Christina Hansen

Clinical Quality Lead - Baptist Health

Keith Krawiec, MD

Internist - Baptist Health

Steve Anderson

Vice President, Provider Contracting & Network Administration - Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Alison Pollard

Vice President, Provider Affiliation - Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Tom Simmer, MD

Senior Vice President & Chief Medical Officer - Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

More Participants

Eric Hoag

Vice President of Provider Relations - Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota

Sean Nyhus

Director - Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota

Jeni Alm

Vice President, Health Network Services - Blue Cross Blue Shield Nebraska

John Smith, MD

Medical Director - Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

Troy Smith

Director, Strategic Planning and Performance Management - Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

Mark Werner

Vice President, Network Management - Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

Julie Blehm, MD

Senior Medical Director - Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota

Lisa Faust, MD

Senior Medical Director - Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota

Kathy Helming

Director of Continuous Improvement & Performance in Health Network Innovation - Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota

Even More Participants

Chris Bush

President of Network Management - Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island

Matthew Collins, MD

Vice President Clinical Integration - Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island

Joe Cooper

Analytics and Network Development - Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island

Kurt Ringo

Vice President, Chief Analytics Officer - Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island

Bradley Case

Health Optimization - Bright Health

Jodie Uhl

VP of Provider Services - Bright Health

Sachin Jain, MD

President & Chief Executive Officer - CareMore

Ali Khan, MD

Regional Medical Officer - CareMore

Wow, Even More Participants

Matthew Kolb

Vice President - Carle Health System

Jennifer Brady, MD

Chief Executive Officer, Carolinas Physician Alliance - Carolinas Health System

Melissa Mehrlich

Lead Executive, Clinical Performance - Carolinas Health System

Zeev Neuwirth, MD

Senior Medical Director of Population Health, Carolinas Healthcare System Medical Group - Carolinas Health System

Lisa Brubaker

Senior Vice President - Centene Corporation

Kent Cerneka

Vice President, Network Development - Centene Corporation

Elizabeth Curran

Senior Director, Provider Performance Management & Communications - Centene Corporation

What? Even More Participants!

Paul Diaz

Partner - Cressey & Company

Gerald Maccioli, MD

Chief Quality Officer - Envision Healthcare

Creagh Milford, MD

Chief Executive Officer - FullWell

Tim Rodgers

Chief Executive Officer - Gateway Medical Associates

Jaewon Ryu, MD

Executive Vice President & Chief Medical Officer - Geisinger

John Bulger, MD

Chief Medical Officer - Geisinger Health Plan

Clese Erikson

Deputy Director, Health Workforce Research Center - The George Washington University

Heya? Even More Participants!

Steve Hamman

Senior Vice President, Provider Partnerships and Enterprise Network Solutions - Health Care Service Corporation

Gary Stanford

Vice President, Provider Network Analytics - Health Care Service Corporation

Craig Brammer

Chief Executive Officer - The Health Collaborative

Kip Haffner

Chief Sales Officer – Medicare Solutions - HealthNet

Michael Millenson

President - Health Quality Advisors

Greg Downing, DO

Executive Director of Innovation - U. S. Department of Health and Human Services

Meredith Williams McKiernan, MD

Vice President Provider Network - Humana

Jonathan Ryskamp

Strategic Consultant, Provider Analytics and Insights - Humana

Holy Smokes, Even More Participants?

Karen Handmaker

Population Health Strategy - IBM Watson

Duane Schmitz

Executive Director, Network Management - Indiana University Health

Valerie Monet

Senior Director, Health Insurance Practice - J.D. Power

Marja Wilson

Vice President, Medicare Advantage - Johns Hopkins Healthcare

Steven Miller

Post-Doctoral Fellow in Pediatric Gastroenterology, Johns Hopkins Children's Center - Johns Hopkins Medicine

Michael Abate

Partner - Kaplan Partners

Lynn Tanner

Vice President of Payer Strategy & Operations - KentuckyOne Health

Yes, More Participants!

Rehan Waheed, MD

Sr. Director, Results Management Office (RMO)™, Department of Integration & Transformation (DoIT)™ - MetroHealth

Bernie Kuhn

Chief Financial Officer - Merchant Medicine

Marc Gardner

Vice President Operations - Molina Healthcare

Jacob Juhn

Director of Business Operations - Molina Healthcare

Cupid Gascon, MD

Vice President, Clinical Transformation - MVP Health Care

Bob Hartman

Product Strategy & Planning - MVP Health Care

George Thompson

Vice President, Provider Contracting & Management - MVP Health Care

That's Right, More Participants!

A. Walker Hankwitz

Navicent Health

Chris Hendry, MD

Chief Medical Officer - Navicent Health

Luke Croswell

Manager, Northwestern Medicine Physician Partners - Northwestern Medicine

Shelley Gast

System VP for Managed Care & Payor Strategy - Norton Healthcare

Kristie Genzer

System Vice President of Physician Development & President of Ochsner Physician Partners - Ochsner Health Network

Thomas Groves

Vice President, Provider Network Development - Ochsner Health Network

Kathleen Murphy

Director, Performance Improvement - Ochsner Health Network

Beau Raymond, MD

Medical Director of Ochsner Physician Partners - Ochsner Health Network

Indeed, More Participants!

John Burich

Vice President Strategy & Growth - Passport Health Plan

David Wennberg, MD

Data Science - Quartet Health; Former CEO of High-Value Healthcare Collaborative; The Dartmouth Institute

Steve Goldberg, MD

Executive Director, Chief Population Health - Quest Diagnostics

Rex Wallace

Principal - Rex Wallace Consulting

Dave Janiec

Director of Contracting - Rothman Institute

Jay LaBine, MD

Associate Chief Medical Officer - Spectrum Health

Seth Wolk, MD

System Chief Medical Officer - Spectrum Health

That Is Correct, More Participants!

Niki Balginy

Special Projects - St. Joseph Heritage Health

C.R. Burke

Former Chief Executive Officer - St. Joseph Heritage Health

Robert del Junco, MD

President, Entrust Medical Group and Vice President & Senior Medical Director - St. Joseph Heritage Health

Kevin Manemann

Chief Executive Officer - St. Joseph Heritage Health

John Stites

Vice President, Affiliated Physicians at St. Joseph Health - St. Joseph Heritage Health

Cathy Mesnik

Executive Director, Analytics - St. Joseph Heritage Health

Laurel Stoimenoff

Chief Executive Officer - Urgent Care Association of America

Tom McMahon

Vice President, Strategic Business Development - United Healthcare

Unbelievable! More Participants!

Kaylee Gaspard

Student - University of Kentucky

Steve Sternberg

Senior Writer, Health - U.S. News & World Report